Gay Scaddan

09/01/2009 18:00
01/02/2009 16:00

Interpretations 1 by Gay ScaddanInterpretations 1 by Gay ScaddanGay's latest body of work is being eagerly awaited by many of our regular followers.  "Interpretations" will explore the landscape through many mediums including oil and collographs.

We would like to thank Challenge Dairy, Capel for their kind donation of cheese for the opening night.

Forest Interpretation 1 by Gay ScaddanForest Interpretation 1 by Gay Scaddan

Interpretations by Gay Scaddan is a further exploration of the landscape.  “It is something I never tire of,“ said Gay.  With the exception of two, all works have been completed within the last twelve months.   “It isn’t just an exhibition of pretty pictures.”  With each work Gay searches further into herself to extract the essence of her subjects.  The challenge she says is seeing how these subjects could be pushed. Tree forms are once again a prominent part of Gay’s imagery.   Gay became known through out the Busselton region for her pastel work but in this exhibition, she is experimenting with the manipulation of paint and collage to give a highly textural element to many of her works.  New to many viewers is the set of collagraphs.  Collagraphs are a print making technique that also bring their own texture.  They are made by creating a collage on a solid base that is then printed.  The textures and images can be quite exciting due to the element of surprise. “They never turn out identical and are always fun.”