Showcase Exhibition - Maricarmen Villasana

04/12/2009 16:18
04/01/2010 16:18

 The Courthouse Gallery is proud to host the vibrant works of international artist Maricarmen Villasana. Maricarmen Villasana born in Mexico in 1949, graduated from National Autonomous University in Mexico in 1973 in journalism and became a professional painter at the National Fine Arts School “La Esmeralda” in 1985.Also, she studied Visual Arts specializing in painting and received a Masters Degree in 1994 from the National Fine Arts School, (better known as Academia de San Carlos.) Maricarmen has participated in more than 30 collective and solo shows.  Her most prestigious shows include the Modern Art Museum in 1983, Papalote Museum and Little Temple Gallery in El Paso, Texas.  She has a permanent painting in the Museum Adolfo Lopez Mateos in Atizapan, state of Mexico.   She has written more than 50 articles about art in National, Newspaper, Industry and Commerce magazines.  Maricarmen coordinated the book “The Graphic Art and His Creators” from Limusa editions. 

She is also a qualified examiner from the “Internacional Bachelor in Visual Arts.”

Maricarmen's works are currently gracing the walls of the 'new courtroom' .  For the full impact of this visually intruguing work hurry in fast before it all sells!


Cosmogonia  $1200  SOLD

This painting represents the universe.

Everything in the heavens move around everything else, dancing to the music of the spheres.

The painting also represents the cosmological circuits behind life, the universe and everything around it.

The three principal figures in the central view are the trilogy, all that humanity has inside its soul, spirit and body.

We are everything toether, soul, spirit and body.

Around the figure at the top there is the sun and the moon, our principal wardens.  Below and around the three principal animals are magicians celebrating life.



Dos Venados $1500  SOLD

The two principal figures in this painting represent an encounter of male and female, the opposite, the reunion of soul and spirit.

It is also a chant of joy, of happiness for all the good thing that we have on earth, our home.

On the left side there is a golden line that represents the sun that givesw us warmth and vitality.

In the lower part, there are some little animals running.  They represent the planets that go around the sun.  They represent the planet that go around the sun.  There are also other big animals that appear over the little ones, they look like ghosts, they can hardly be seen, they represent symbols of magical dreams.


Three Personages $850

This painting represents three Gods from the ancient tribe called Aztecs who lived from 1325 to 1521 when the Spaniards went to Mexico.

These were the Gods of earth, fertilitya dn rain.  Most of the Aztec Gods were magicians and “hechiceros”, men who tried to change the course of things by magical practices.  These Gods are portrayed with a dog’s head, one of the forms they assumed when attempting to avoid sacrificing themselves for the sake of the sun.

The blue colour represents the sky and the ochre colour represents the earth.  Sky and earth were a big part of the Aztec rituals because many of their temples in the XIV century were constructed without a roof.


Paseo Dorado $750

The six figures represent the union between all of mankind and the relationship we all have with each other.

As long as we go ahead in life we have an encounter with someone else, we leave a path behind us, but we also build a new one, the future, the dreams, the hopes.  The colours ochre and blue represent the earth and the sky and in between them are some figures that represent mankind coexisting together in harmony.

Sometimes we only see the earth and all that is below us, sometimes we only look to the heavens and we only see the blue, where there are all our thoughts and dreams of all the good things we will do during our lives.


Venados Tres  acrylic on canvas,   $950  SOLD

The principal figure in the centre of this painting is standing in front of us with other small figures inside him.

All of them represent the beginning of our life and all the stages we have to endure as we grow older and obtain the wisdom that older people possess.

The use of a golden line on the left side of the painting conveys a mysterious and celestial quality remembering that gold has been looked upon most favourably by mankind since the beginning of time.

At the bottom of the painting on both sides of the principal figure, there are two plants; thy represent nature as the medium that unifies all thing and governs individual natures as recognition that everythin in nature is reflected in ourselves.


Africa  acrylic  on canvas $950

The two figures in the middle represent the duality that  has confronted man since the beginning of time; night and day; light and darkness; heat and cold.

All the little figures in the bottom represent the happiness, the joy and the chant for all the good things that life gives us every day.  The light colours are the water which is the clear liquid that has been present on earth since the beginning of time.  The light colour also represents the moon.