Style and Sensibility

13/05/2007 00:00
09/06/2007 16:00

Survey of South West craft artists.


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ART ON THE MOVE presents an exciting new exhibition....

In his new exhibition entitled Modified,Western Australian artist Paul Caporn satirically engages with ideas of masculinity and cultural identity. Modified presents artworks that examine the very suburban activities of customising, DIY and obsessions with backyard tools and appliances and their related stereotypical rituals.

The show is built around five main pieces, Tool Box, Barbie Mate, Life Boy, Excess and Mowing the Median Strip, all of which are large, three dimensional installation pieces, skilfully made, with the polished, plastic finish one would expect from manufactured consumer goods. These works are accompanied by a series of anodized aluminium prints and photographs that reflect engineering drawings and media product shots.

Playing with interpretations of male domesticity, desire, consumption and production, familiar objects have been modified, re-negotiating their utility, aesthetic qualities and cultural significance. For example, Caporn hybridizes man and machine in works such as Barbie Mate where he produces a 'Weber' barbecue kettle with a fleshy gut bursting forth, thereby mimicking the stereotypical Aussie beer gut that may be seen around such an object.

Caporn is fascinated with the objects of suburban backyard culture and the way they become humanised and intertwined with the desires and fantasies of their owners.

ART ON THE MOVE presents an exciting new exhibition....