Tranquility Interrupted

31/08/2007 10:00
10/09/2007 16:00

Award winning Busselton photographer Sean Hutchison presents ‘Tranquillity Interrupted', a photo exhibition with a difference opening September 1 at ArtGeo in the CourtHouse Gallery.

Sean Hutchison - Pic Strip - LandscapeSean Hutchison - Pic Strip - Landscape

Alongside framed images depicting tranquillity and insight you'll find separate information cards detailing the Chinese Communist Government's brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Falun Gong is an ancient Chinese exercise and meditation practice, not unlike Tai Chi in appearance. The sad underlying message to the exhibition tells of the Chinese Government's attempts to crush the ancient meditation practice, and the lengths it is continuing to go to, in what is now being referred to as a modern day holocaust.

Sean Hutchison - Gallery DemoSean Hutchison - Gallery DemoHaving featured at various art galleries throughout WA over the last couple of years, the Busselton exhibit includes a number of new photographic images that didn't appear at other galleries. Look for glowing ice crystals, unusual formations in Yallingup rocks, reflections that contain reflections, and unexpected scenes in the sky. The collection blends traditional photographic techniques with contemporary digitised effects to create an intriguing and colourful display. Image titles are layered with meaning and hint toward a deeper existence. Experience weightlessness and the beauty of calm as you are drawn to dazzling colours that move and glow. Glimpses of nature taken from a different perspective and South West landscapes ‘with a twist' all contribute to the energy of the show.

Tranquillity Interupted in on show from the 1 Sept to 10 Sept, 2007.

The CourtHouse Gallery is open daily from 10am to 4pm and entry is free.