Print Making with Tony Windberg

04/07/2018 14:05

Printmaking Without PressurePrintmaking Without PressurePrintmaking without pressure

Art courses with Tony Windberg

Friday's at the Fodder Room, ArtGeo Cultural Complex

July 20 10 - 4:30  $110

Introduction to prints

No printing press?  No worries!  Learn the essentials of makking your own prints using hand pressure and simple tools.  Its easier than you think!

Covers monotypes, woodcuts and single colour linocuts


July 27 + Aug 3  10 - 4:30  2 days $220

Woodcuts in balsa wood

Balsa wood is soft enough to be easily cut with standard lino cutting tools.  Learn how to exploit natural woodgrain to create distinctive effect using knives and a range of gouges.  Covers safe cutting techniques, printing methods, paper types


Aug 10 + 17  10 - 4:30  2 days $220

Linocuts in multicolour

Create your own striking and vibrant multiple colour lino prints using the colour reduction technique - and all from a single plate!


Discount: enrol for all 5 weeks for just $500

includes all materials and tools.