Hurry Last Days

A Joint Exhibition by Judith Roche and Yvonne Nietrzeba.

Bee-line: A rendezvous with the native blue banded bee is an exhibition of contemporary artworks by two south west artists, Yvonne Nietrzeba and Judith Roche. Whilst continuing individual investigations into the loss of native habitats and land degradation, Yvonne and Judith found common ground in the information gathered about bees and decided to develop a joint art exhibition.

Bee-line highlights the artists' concerns that human activities, such as redesigning the terrain to suit our aesthetic or economic preferences, have profound influences on the continued existence of many native species of flora and fauna. These fellow earth dwellers have no voice to prevent activities which negatively affect their habitat.

Their research includes reports that the habitats of some native bees are under threat from land clearing, that the research into the vision system of bees is yielding remarkable results in the field of robotics, and that the opportunity for scientific and medical discoveries could be lost if some species of native bees become extinct before their potential has been documented. Bee-line highlights the blue-banded native bee.

With this focus on the blue banded bee, Bee-line presents the two artists' individual interpretations of their responses to the research they have carried out and to their experiences during the many hours spent in the field searching for and photographing these intriguing creatures. Their encounters are revealed in divergent forms of photography and painting, and the artists also plan to have available native bee roosts for the public to place in their gardens to encourage visits by blue-banded and other native bees.

Yvonne and Judith are very appreciative of and thank the many people for the help and support they have received in gathering their information. However, particular acknowledgement is appropriate for the help and guidance given by Robert Powell, Dr Terry Houston, Marie Strelein, Mandy Polley, John McKinney, Michael and Margaret Doust, and Marina Troitsky. An important acknowledgement is also extended to June Anderson for opening the exhibition.