Winter Solstice


The Busselton Art Society will open its new exhibition in the ArtGeo Gallery at 6 Queen Street on Friday, the 20th June. The following day is the shortest day of the year so we have named it Winter Solstice in celebration of that ancient feast. It will be open each day between 10.00am and 4.00pm with framed and unframed works as well as porcelain on display and for sale. Some of these will be on a winter theme.

The shortest day, and correspondingly longest night of the year was and still is an important occasion for many cultures around the world. There are painted and sculpted records of its celebration dating back to Neolithic times; the most famous of these is surely Stone Henge in England but there are many other examples in ancient Egypt, the USA (Hopi Indians), Guatemala and other parts of the world. Winter solstice means ‘sun standing still’ – to the ancients the winter sun seemed to stay still at the lowest point in the sky so celebrations were centred on bringing the sun back. It is believed that many of our old New Year traditions are derived from winter solstice activities in the northern hemisphere. We don’t read or hear of any celebrations in Australia for the winter solstice but they do happen - in Canberra and in several towns on the east coast from northern Queensland to Tasmania and in Fremantle.

Though not all of our exhibiting artists will choose a winter theme they will, as always, bring their varied styles, media and techniques to what we hope will be another very successful display. It will run until the 27th July. Everyone is welcome to come along to view, to buy or just to talk to us about art – yours or ours we don’t mind - whatever the weather has in store for us we look forward to meeting you in the next few weeks.