Hurry Spirit of Timber Closes August 9

10/07/2009 12:47
10/08/2009 12:47
 Detail from Combination by Charles Broadbent  $1,000
   Waiting Series (3 brooches )by Danielle Butters $147 ea

 Hall Stand by Kevan Collett $1,550


 Pirouette Mirror and Table by Nathan Day $7,000

   Celtic Bound Book by Jane Flower $95
   Western Pearl 2 by Rolf Gehrmann $600
   Open three Legged Vase by Dennis Haddon $350
   Fragment 6 by Thomas Heidt $3,300
   Fountain Pen 2 by George Herring $60
   Fence Post Vase by Owen Isbel $75
   Small Cabinet by Jim Koziol $250
   Pedestal by Tom Mazey $300
   Bellows by Murray Mills $95
   Forest Morning Mist by Peter Moir $4,200
   Decorticating Karri by Peter Moir $850
   Ocean Rotations by Martin Pavey $2950
   Lone Spirit II by Neil Turner $1,200
   Ripples Cabinet $4180 and Blackwood Mirror $500 by Adrian Van Den Ouweland
   Red Centre Robert Jones and Williams Yates $900
   Small Two Drawer Cabinet by Colin Woodford $850
   Winter by Suzy Zapp $290