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14/08/2009 10:21
02/09/2009 10:21

The works on display in Inspirations represent the best value in town.  Don't miss out!  This exhibition isn't on show for long.

   Tulips by Isobel Sparrow, $200
   Study in Blue by Joy Tomcala, $200

 Peaceful Anchorage by Jan Van Den Bosch, $120

   Who Will You Be Today? by Sue White, $395

 Soul Dance by Wendy Slee, $500

   The Raiders by Lynne Holden, $450
 Journey's End by Pat HolyoakeJourney's End by Pat Holyoake  Journey's End by Pat Holyoake, $350
   Blue Circles by Helga Huebner, $550
   Colour My World by Jo Jarratt, $195
   Hancock Gorge by Merle Knapp, $400
   Coral Swimmers by Dolores Lamb, $200
   Capriccio by Val McKelvie, $550
   Flying Stingray by Jacqui Mofflin, $500
   Under a Golden Spotlight by Nettley, $400