Boyz Room

24/01/2008 18:00
24/02/2008 16:00

Final Days


Welcome to the Creative World of Young Men in Our Community

This diverse exhibition encompasses installations, painting, illustration, photography, hot glass and sculpture: works as diverse as their makers. Be prepared for a liberal dose of angst sprinkled with a dash of flair, wit and sheer audacity.

Exhibiting Artists include: Patrick Wise, Jade Riggins, Oliver Hull, Dan VanHalen, Dan Fisher, Patrick Lavers, Josh Lawrie and Rowan Spicer.


Artist Statements:



Dan VanhalenHappy by Dan VanhalenHappy by Dan Vanhalen


"Im 21.8, my name is Dan Vanhalen iv been in graphic design/art for over 4years now with a couple of qualifications in multimedia design and graphics under my belt, iv travelled to the motherland (England) and back a couple of times for extended amounts of time.. picking up enough influence to give Picasso a run for his money. Iv had my work featured in numerous magazines from REAKT local Perth art mag to THE POOR DESIGNERS who publish an up coming artist magazine each month in Greece, Iv designed the Leavers 06/07 advertising and OldBroadwater Farm charity concert 07 art and the concept on the 08 artwork, iv also done too many event posters and gig advertising design to count for Southern Rip, Busselton's local young people team. More of my work can be seen online at"




Patrick Lavers.Artwork by Patrick LaversArtwork by Patrick Lavers


I enjoy the contrasts of black ink on white paper. The black pen allows me to create greater detail and inject life into my works. While using this technique, it helps me escape from my less than exciting reality into a completely different world of my imagination. Each stroke of my pen is one more step through the door that leads to my fantasies


I often imagine a future where the world is completely immersed in war and technology. So I think of not much else but what a typical futuristic soldier and his opponent would look like, and there being no examples available that I'm satisfied by, I make my own. This is where my idea of "Unfinished Future" came from.


Watching movies of battles and war often motivate me to pick up my pen and paper and draw, this was one of those times. It was actually during a film I began these works "Under Cover", and it was especially hard drawing in almost total darkness with only just enough light coming from the television itself, but like most things I do, I managed.


After reading a fantasy novel, I wanted to portray one of the villains in a visual medium. So, I began to draw, and what do you know, "Beast" was created. It turned out nothing like many people who read the same book believed it would look like but its exactly how I imagined the creature to be, but in the end, its just a picture.


So, I hope you enjoy my artworks.


Dan FisherFuel tank by Dan FisherFuel tank by Dan FisherArtwork by Dan Fisher: Dan installed his bedroom minus the bed over a two day period.Artwork by Dan Fisher: Dan installed his bedroom minus the bed over a two day period.

Dan says there is no logical explanation for much of what he does. Many of the 3D pieces are props for horror movies and music videos. He also has an interest in cyborgs and is concerned that society is turning the human race into robots with all the metal in people's bodies.




Oliver HullArtwork by Oliver HullArtwork by Oliver Hull

Oliver lives and goes to high school in the south west. He started drawing at a young age and it is one of the only pastimes that have stuck through his life. His interest in art includes illustrations and drawings in fine liner ink, pencil and watercolour. Mainly influenced by comics and people like Matt Furie, Michael Sieben and artist KRSN.





Patrick WiseFuture Design  (soapstone) by Patrick WiseFuture Design (soapstone) by Patrick Wise

Patrick Wise is a Margaret River based artist, whose work has been influenced by Japanese Manga comics, and Anime cartoons, which are popular world wide.

Movie and television culture has had an influence on his art direction since he was a kid. Patrick has been carving stone since he was 9 years of age, with his latest soap stone sculpture, exploring the form of a modern day Bird of Prey.





Josh Lawrie

Josh Lawrie beside his work "The Priest and the Matador": Work based on the song by the same name.  Josh is one of eight talented entrants to Boyz Room 2008Josh Lawrie beside his work "The Priest and the Matador": Work based on the song by the same name. Josh is one of eight talented entrants to Boyz Room 2008Everything I paint is an accident. It starts as an accident. Or it finishes as an accident. Or I paint something, and it comes out as something else. I'm learning to live with it.









Rowan Spicer

Rowan Spicer and his photographyRowan Spicer and his photographyI see so many beautiful things in nature I just want to be able to share those things with others. I love photography. To be able to capture a moment in time is a special thing which can then be treasured forever.









Jade Riggins

Two Tone Vase by Jade RigginsTwo Tone Vase by Jade RigginsPaper weights by Jade RigginsPaper weights by Jade RigginsJade Riggins is a former Margaret River resident, who now lives and works in Perth.

Jade's glass has been influenced by well known South West glass artists, Gerry Reilly, Allan Fox, and is currently working with Pete Reynolds in Perth. Jade's glass techniques are advanced for his age, with his sensitive approach to creating beauty within his glass forms.



Exhibiton continues daily 10am - 4pm Closed Wednesdays

Exhibition will run Thurs 24th January - 24th February, 2008.