Winner of the 2015 Peoples Choice is...

Light Stream by Naomi Grant: Winner of the Peoples Choice category, City of Busselton Art Award 2015Light Stream by Naomi Grant: Winner of the Peoples Choice category, City of Busselton Art Award 2015Congratulations goes to Naomi Grant as the winner of the Peoples Choice category for the City of Busselton Art Award 2015.

Naomi is a multi award winning Contemporary Indigenous Australian Artist, a descendant of the Wiradujuri people of central New South Wales. She was born in Sydney but has made her home in Perth, for the past 39 years. In 2011 Naomi won 3 awards, including the $10,000 Hawkesbury Art Award. Her successful career as a practicing artist and designer, spans the past 30 years. She graduated from Curtin University of WA with a BA in Design. Her career ranges from being self -employed as an artist, textile designer, senior designer at Canning Vale Weaving Mills, teaching art in Bangkok and promotional manager of Kurongkurl Katitjin, School of Indigenous Australian Studies at Edith Cowan University, Perth.

Her Indigenous heritage brings a blend of the contemporary and mysterious together in many of her works. Always, bold colour and beauty are strong inspirational elements that help mould each painting. Often these ideas spring from dreams, visions and memories of her travels. Naomi’s equally comfortable with traditional scenes, through to a more contemporary blending of realism and Indigenous imagery.

In the last 15 years Naomi’s focus has been in acrylics and collage. She has developed a technique of using layers of coloured tissue paper under and over the painted surface. This gives the surface a three dimensional textural quality.

“I am very interested in the surface feel and the layering effect that helps create more than one perception of the image. I am very interested in pattern and design and I enjoy creating a design within the landscape. My works have an abstract element to them, but still suggesting the literal image. I like this combination where the viewer can see different aspects and perspectives within the work”