Painting With Fire

28/01/2017 10:00

Fireground 4 by Tony Windberg: earth pigments, oil pastel, modified flooring sample, doorFireground 4 by Tony Windberg: earth pigments, oil pastel, modified flooring sample, doorTony Windberg has been using earth pigments and charred remains from bushfires for many years, as seen in his exhibition CONTROL LINES on show now at ArtGeo Gallery.

In this fascinating workshop, you’ll begin by experiencing the remarkable differences between ash and charcoals from different trees found in the South West.  Uncover new artistic possibilities and textural effects by turning these and other natural resources such as marri resin, into stable and unique paints by adding modern binders. 

A mix of alchemy and art, Painting with Fire! will open doors and transform your work.  


Three dates to choose from: 

SUN JAN 29  10am - 4pm  

SAT FEB 11  10am - 4pm  

SUN FEB 19  10am - 4pm  

$120 per day, including most materials 

bookings: or call 9751 4651 

Payment at time of booking will guarantee your place.


Materials List for Tony Windberg Workshop.


Workshop participants to please bring:


  • visual diary – eg: blank A4

  • pen/ pencil for notes

  • reference image/s: Landscape/s with strong tonal contrast (colour not relevant)

  • ice-cream lids or similar for mixing palletes

  • painting/palette knives (metal, not plastic please!)

  • canvas and/or mat-board for samples. These can be scraps, offcuts, canvasboards…

  • Also, a larger piece (or a stretched canvas or canvas board) approx. A4 to A3 size for exercise.

  • rags

  • (optional): mortar and pestle

  • (optional): your own natural pigments if you wish to have a go with these too…

  • (required) :A sense of artistic adventure!!


Tutor will bring:


Gesso, acrylic binders and mediums, retarder medium, paper, ash, charcoals, earth pigments, marri resin, metho, miscellaneous items…