Alice Alders Beautiful Fades Now Showing

03/01/2017 14:13


Be Here by Alice AlderBe Here by Alice AlderPlease join Alice as she celebrates her newest collection of works in the Courthouse Gallery at 11 am on the 6 January, 2018

Artist Statement:

...a collection of mixed medium contemporary landscape paintings.


 ...the collection focuses on the exploration of the theme of fading memories. “Nothing is ever really lost to us as, long as we remember it.”

 - L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl 


...My paintings are based on the theme of flashing moments. The landscapes I paint are obvious but areas are fading, moving, disappearing; like a view from a car window. 


...I use seasonal colours that inspire me from my surroundings.  


...My personal aim for my work is to move past the academic world and showcase my style to the public.