Stables Studios

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ArtGeo's Stables Studios are available for lease. For more information, please email

Stable 1 is occupied by ceramacist Tracie Anderson

Stable 2 is occupied by glass artist Nalda Hoskins.





The Kiss Cow is Here!

11/03/2010 15:41
11/06/2010 15:41

Artgeo is proud to announce the arrival of our cow. 

It arrived in straight from pasture ready for the March long weekend.  It is reportedly being fed and watered regularly and well looked after.

If you would like to visit this fabulous addition to the Artgeo Stables, you will find him grazing in the courtyard of the Artgeo complex.

The Moosic Mania cow is sponsored by Radio West and Created by Joyce Hatchet.

Important for All South West Artists!

27/08/2009 17:00


Are you confused about the

Bunbury Regional Galleries

South West Survey 2010

For the opportunity to be included next year you must apply NOW.

The curators of the show will be answering questions at the

Artgeo Cultural Complex

(4-6 Queen Street, Busselton)

In the Fodder Room between

5pm and 6pm

Thursday 27 August,2009

Free Community Art Workshop with Michael Wise

31/05/2009 12:00
31/05/2009 17:00

 Community Art Workshop with Michael WiseCommunity Art Workshop with Michael Wise

Take the opportunity to take part in a free community art workshop with renown South West artist Michael Wise as he explores the concept "is the human race sowing the seeds of its own extinction."

Each participant will make two resin forms with a scanned image, one to keep and one to be considered for inclusion in Michael's exhibition to be held at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries in June.

Earth Hour

28/03/2009 19:30
28/03/2009 21:30

Earth HourEarth Hour 

We want to keep you in the dark...