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Boyz Room

24/01/2008 18:00
24/02/2008 16:00

Final Days


Early Summer

26/10/2007 18:00
18/11/2007 16:00

Early Summer by BASEarly Summer by BAS

Final Days. Exhibition Ends Sunday 4pm


Tidal Zone

21/09/2007 18:00
21/10/2007 16:00

Stingray Chair by John Smith in white fibreglassStingray Chair by John Smith in white fibreglassTidal Zone, an exhibition from the Design Centre in Tasmania on at the ArtGeo Gallery

On an island the tidal zone, the space where the land and sea meet, is the 'edge' that delineates the island's geographical space. But this is also a shifting space in which discarded, found and natural materials are collected and combined after the tide has washed away the previous landscape.

Mine Own Executioner

13/07/2007 18:00
12/08/2007 16:00

Self Images from the Mundaring Arts Centre

A collection of images from the past 10 years iof self portraits by prominant West Australian artists.

Elemental Blues

17/08/2007 18:00
16/09/2007 16:00

Pilbara Study by Bill YeatesPilbara Study by Bill YeatesFresh from Biarritz in France, Bill Yeates is set to wow Busselton’s ArtGeo gallery goers.

Those Who Can...

15/06/2007 10:00
09/07/2007 16:00

Educators of the South West

Style and Sensibility

13/05/2007 00:00
09/06/2007 16:00

Survey of South West craft artists.


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