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Hurry Spirit of Timber Closes August 9

10/07/2009 12:47
10/08/2009 12:47
 Detail from Combination by Charles Broadbent  $1,000
   Waiting Series (3 brooches )by Danielle Butters $147 ea

 Hall Stand by Kevan Collett $1,550

Spirit of Timber

03/07/2009 15:00
09/08/2009 15:00

Photo courtesy of Rowan Spicer

The Spirit of Timber features works form across the the state as well as many of our local timber artisans.  All works are available for purchase.

The exhibition opens 6pm Friday 10 July.  Please join us.  Entry is free and drinks and nibbles are provided.

More Excellent Pieces from the National Lifestyle Villages Art Award

19/06/2009 00:21
05/07/2009 00:21

Final Days  Exhibition Closes This Sunday

The Artgeo Gallery was inundated with entries for the "South West Experience." Seventy seven pieces were eventually chosen for display.

Spring by Thomas Heidt

Spring by Thomas Heidt

Winner - Section 3: Three Dimensional Works

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