A must visit in the Cultural Precinct is to our talented resident artists in the Stables Studios at the rear of the courtyard. Here you will find the open studios of fabric sculptor Claire Kastelan and painter Gerald Ashcroft (from 17th May 2021). 

Claire Kastelan is a local artist with multifaceted interests, her mainstays are photography, fabric sculpture and ceramics. However, it is fabric sculpture she is exploring further and developing in Studio 3.

She is presently concentrating on building a body of work producing quirky but recognisable creatures, items and objects such as naïve style native birds, local fish, shells, animals, and dolls.  Claire makes and adorn many of these objects using hand stitching and “slow stitching” which includes embroidery, sequins and beading.

This form of “sculpting” is for all ages. It was believed not that long ago that with the advent of fast fashion and internet shopping that there was no longer any room for traditional crafts such as hand stitching and that they were staid and boring. This form of craft though has undergone a revolution, and there is room in this new world of upcycling, using what we have, and making it yourself, to play with traditional crafts. 

Claire is in the Studio from 10am to 4pm on Wednesday to Saturday. 

Pearl in a Shell prototype

Exercise Yard

Lorraine Frost is the artist in residence in the Exercise Yard within the Old Courthouse Complex. She is an internationally accomplished artist whose work is of autobiographic nature, investigating human condition, connection, communication and intuition through play with rhythm, balance, space and materiality. Lorraine describes her works as architectural vessels of personal communication containing seeds of thought; driven by the currents and tides of life, anchoring concepts in reality.

She has worked across many oceans and has been an official sculptor representative for the United Kingdom at arts symposiums in Canada, USA, Germany, Norway and Finland. Her sculptures and paintings are part of several collections worldwide including commissioned works commemorating the 4oth year of reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

See Lorraine at work on Monday and Thursday from 10.30am to 4pm, Tuesday and Friday from 12pm to 4pm, Wednesday and Saturday 11.30am to 3pm. 

Exercise Yard Lorraine Frost


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