Inclusive Excellence

ArtGeo Gallery warmly welcomes you as we reopen with Regional Series #1 featuring exhibitions from Alice Alder, Lynne Mitchell, Denise Gillies, Rose van Son and The Busselton Woodturners.

ArtGeo Gallery

Saturday 27 June 2020 8:00AM -
Sunday 26 July 2020 4:00PM

In the Illuminated Portals collection Alice Alder has become drawn to the element of light within art. Using light to define the bones of a landscape and focusing on an atmosphere in the creation.

Artists Lynne Mitchell and Denise Gillies with poet Rose van Son present a collaborative exhibition where art interprets poetry and poetry interprets art.

From the traditional forms such as bowls, platters and hollow forms, executed with the skill of the master craftsperson, the Busselton Woodturners are a not-for-profit, community group. Included amongst the traditional forms are some simply quirky designs to show that woodturning is only limited by your imagination


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