Inclusive Excellence: Regional Series 3

Continuing to support the local artists of the region this exhibition includes painters and print makers combined to present a wonderful assortment of two dimensional works. Marion Graeber and Carol Seeley feature in the Bond Store while Ren Douglas’s intricately detailed watercolours beautifully compliments the printmaking and paintings of Cynthia Dix and Liz Royce. These are topped off by the collection of tree based images from June Anderson.

ArtGeo Gallery

Saturday 05 September 2020 10:00AM -
Sunday 11 October 2020 4:00PM

Carol Seeley  

Carol is exhibiting her True Colour exhibition in the Bond Store with work from her friend Marion Graeber. Carol is an abstract artist and her processes are intuitive; she does not work from photographs or reference shots but from memories and emotions. The results are often surprising, hinting at a landscape, a walk, a view, a find, a sentiment or contemporary social issue that impacts her art.  COVID-19 has featured heavily in recent reflections. Expressive and gestural, using acrylic, oils and water colour, Carol’s art features mark making, bright colours, experiments with different mediums and textures, with visible brush marks or with no brushes involved. Carol’s art is expressed as intuitive responses to the paint on the canvas. Paint, paint over, scrape back, reveal…Carol’s art reflects an acceptance of transience and imperfection in her creative world, and shouts “Hear Me. See Me.” 

IMG 2555

Marion Graeber

Marion is inspired by the intense colours of this land, the trees and most of all the ocean. Painting is meditation for Marion where she can recharge her batteries in order to keep up with the demanding job as a nurse. She grew up in Germany and lived there for the first 35 years of her life, then made the decision with her husband to move to Australia and made Perth and now Margaret River their permanent home. Marion always loved art and finally saw the opportunity to follow her passions. She thoroughly enjoys going out into nature and then transfer her inspirations onto a canvas. In the years 2015 and 2016 Marion engaged in painting classes with Rayma Reany, a recognised member of the West Australian Society of Arts, as well as in several art workshops across Perth Metropolitan area. In 2018 she participated at The Mundaring Hills Open Studios event and made valuable connections within the art community. Marion is currently enrolled in David Giles’s “Freedom School of Painting” course via zoom and in July she had 3 pieces of her work in a group exhibition at David Giles’ Studio Eleven Gallery in Fremantle.

Meet Marion

Ren Douglas

Watercolour paint is a medium that allows me to play with intense colour while capturing light; it has a life of its own. The colour literally floats in water while the light shines through from the paper. I love the drama of vivid tones living next to bright light, the depth of colours and the endless details that go beyond representational. My hope is that viewers will be enticed into each painting and each story of colour and light.

Living Stones watercolour 2018Living Stones, Ren Douglas, watercolour, 2018

Elizabeth Royce

Presenting a joint exhibition 'Natural Instincts with Cynthia Dix'. Printmaking work will be a major focus for Liz, with examples of linocut, collograph, etching and aquatint. A fascination with landscape and particularly tree scapes, many a product of her Arctic travels, feature in this body of work. In these Liz explores a longtime fascination with the layers innate in landscape. How to create these in a single image and give a true dimensional feel to the visual  an ongoing challenge. Her love of simple line and caricature in the depiction of the familiar and less so animals and birds inhabiting my environment will also be a feature….these are in mono and linocut print.

Triffid 4Triffid, Elizabeth Royce

Cynthia Dix

Moving to the South West eight years ago literally changed my life. Being surrounded by the flora and fauna of our special region I cannot help to be inspired. We artists live with highs and lows.  About a year ago I was in one of those lows feeling disenchanted with life and art when I decided to think small and started doing small simple studies of the birds I see day to day. They are a joy to behold. The diversity is amazing.  Each little drawing and painting gave me satisfaction and joy. Some of the little water colours took just a matter of hours. This led to bigger things. My work tends to be traditional in style, I am particularly inspired by the formal paintings of the Dutch golden age, focussing simple fruit and flowers, influenced by the work of great Australian women painters like Margaret Preston, Kathleen O’Connor and Margaret Olley. Oh to be in such company.

cynthia dix

Spring Fairy Wrens, Cynthia Dix, collage/acrylic on canvas, 30cm x 30cm

June Anderson

Trees and open spaces capture my paint brush and the picture evolves. With less preoccupation of what the brush is doing, the better I like the result. Trees will probably come from my paint brush for the rest of my life.


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