A must visit in the Cultural Precinct is to our talented resident artists in the Stables Studios at the rear of the courtyard. Here you will find the open stuidos of ceramic artist Tracie Anderson, glass bead jewellery designer Nalda Hoskins and video creator Matt Riley.

Tracie is a ceramic and mixed media artist upcycling found objects from the ocean and shore to form beautiful art that reflects the south-west coast of Western Australia. Through the seasons of the year she collects unusual and everyday objects, be it driftwood, shell, bone or rock to use in her beautiful ceramic sculptures. Porcelain is the main clay that she uses in her workshop as it has elasticity for handbuilding and is strong enough to be worked to translucency in fragile seaweed pieces. The glazes that are used are soft and lanquid, pale greens and blues that reflect the summer days and warm sand of the south-west.  

 Tracie Studio

Nalda is a lampwork glass artist  who explores her emotional response to colour in a range of eclectic jewellery featuring glass beads hand crafted in her studio. Using a torch flame she melts glass rods to create beads of all shapes and sizes. A single pendant bead, pairs for ear rings or a series for necklace and bracelet designs. Nalda designs all of her stunning jewellery.


Matt Riley Studio is recognised as a professional video and digitalised marketing specialist covering corporate, business and personal video production. 

Matt Riley

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