Meet the Artists - Elmari Steyn & Peter Zappa

Hear from the winners of the 2019 City of Busselton Art Award!

ArtGeo Gallery

Sunday 07 March 2021 2:00PM -
Sunday 07 March 2021 3:00PM

Elmari's works reflect her love of nature and wilderness, especially the relationship of individuals within nature, and the experience of transition and sense of place. Her intricately collaged etchings present fragments of stories, beliefs and every-day happenings amongst a small band of people; told through depicting the trees, boats, houses, lands and countries they lived in and travelled through.

Peter translates drawing directly into sculpture. Instead of moving a pencil across a page, he uses metal to draw within space. This allows the potential energy constrained within static two-dimensions to be set free in three dimensions.

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