Wool & Silk Lamination

Felt: a gentle Art: join Barbara Weeks for a creative and relaxing workshop, playing with wool and silks.

Fodder Room

Sunday 16 May 2021 9:00AM -
Sunday 16 May 2021 12:30PM

Some felting experience is an advantage here, having the skill to handle and draw wool with a light touch. Fine silks are laminated together with only soap and water to create a beautiful cloth suited to wearable Art.
Select from my extensive range of printed and painted silks and superfine merino wool.

Focus on:

  • Microns and mommies; know your materials
  • Understanding shrinkage rates to plan a project
  • How to handle light layers of wool
  • How to select and prepare a range of silk fabrics and fibres
  • Wetting out with care to create an even cloth
  • Felting and Fulling fun. Shrink and stretch
  • Further ideas

You only need to bring: a towel, approx. 50 x 120.

Cost $60 all materials and equipment supplied, including superfine wools, silks and fibres, bubble wrap and soap and morning refreshments.
This is the second of three independent but progressive workshops by Barbara.

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