Mark Grey Smith - Drawing in Space

ArtGeo Gallery Queen Street Busselton

Saturday 16 October 2021 10:00AM -
Sunday 14 November 2021 4:00PM

Drawing in Space: Mark Grey Smith

ArtGeo Gallery is proud to host senior art practitioner Mark Grey Smith.

Opening Friday 15 October at 6 PM, Mark is presenting 21 sculptures inspired by nature. His study of the patterns, forms, structure and mad stuff of nature have been the source for these small-scale works in clay, steel, plaster and paint.

“Time is precious. What you do with your time is important. I wanted to spend any time I have exploring, experimenting, expressing and displaying what I have learnt, experienced and felt from nature,” said Mark.

Five of the works look at the emotions around the Covid19 pandemic.

“Finding about the outbreak out of a news Sarrs virus in China, I became very worried. Both for myself and for everybody. I started a new body of work; I wanted to do more with some works and ideas from the 80s. These are figurative in concept. They are extremely three-dimensional and are very complex forms.”

Mark has been a part of the art scene since the 1970’s and has held in excess of 12 solo exhibitions and has been collected by Art Gallery of WA, Edith Cowan University, Australian National University and BankWest and many private collections.

Drawing in Space is on show daily in the Artgeo Gallery 10 – 4 from Saturday 16 October until 14 November.

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